The Differences Between A Medical Aesthetician, A Licensed Aesthetician and a Cosmetologist

Questions have been coming up as to the differences between a Medical Aesthetician, a Licensed Aesthetician and a Licensed Cosmetologist.
A Medical Aesthetician works in a clinical setting, working closely with doctors of dermatology, doctors of plastic surgeons. Responsibilities could include, micro-rolling, dermaplaning, clinical acid peels, working with instruments for the removal of miia, whiteheads and blackheads. Have knowledge of pre-operative and post-operative complications. Knowledge of medications commonly administrated. Be able to spot serious illnesses to the skin and refer to doctor for further evaluation.
Licensed Aestheticians have passed a clinical exam and a written exam. They have more in depth-training as far as skincare is concerned, the are beauty professionals who are adept at giving facials, facial massages, waxing, body wraps, anti-aging treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels. Have knowledge to address if a client has a skin disease or issue that needs to me further evaluated by a doctor.
A Licensed cosmetologist has taking written exam and in some states a clinical exam as well. With further education and training they can specialize as an expert in the care of hair and makeup as well as skincare and beauty products. They can also offer other services such as coloring, extensions, perms and straightening.
If you’re going to have peels and facial treatments, Do your Research… you only have one face…