An IMAGE “Lifer!”

 In Skin Care

I was introduced to this product line about a year ago through a good friend and esthetician, Theresa Edwards.  I started going to her for facials, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion and fell in love with the skincare line she used – IMAGE – and I slowly started purchasing products one visit at a time!  It wasn’t until my experience with my 1st chemo treatment, that I became a “lifer” as you may call it, of this wonderful line.


On January 20th, 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30.  Aside from the cancer diagnosis shock, I was not prepared for what my chemotherapy treatment was going to do to me both mentally, internally and externally.  My first chemo treatment came on Friday, February 7th, 2014.  I had a surprisingly good experience with the infusion process and thought “I got this!”  Little did I know, the wrath of the symptoms would come flooding in on day 3 post chemo.  Aside from what was going on from the neck down, my most unpleasant, uncomfortable and visually unappealing symptom, was my face.  Within 48 hours I went from a complete clear complexion, never having to put an ounce of foundation or makeup on – to inflammation under the skin that was so painful I could barely open my mouth to eat or speak.  My face had a sunburnt look/feel and was covered in pustule acne.  Any movement in my face would cause them to break open and with chemo taking away my ability to heal, the pustules would remain open wounds.  I was in so much pain.


I had given Theresa a call and listed all of my skin woes.  She quickly gathered IMAGE products for an at home care system that would help soothe and heal.  The very first thing I used was the Ormedic Gel Masque.  It had given me instant cooling relief and I was in heaven!  In addition to that, The MAX Facial Cleanser and The MAX Stem Cell Serum were gentle enough for me to use daily while the pustules were at their worst.  I became very fond of the tinted moisturizer, since my end goal was to protect my skin during this phase and prevent as much scarring as possible.  The Ormedic Balancing Biopeptide crème as well as the Total Skin Lightening Serum are both favorites of mine to this day.  The lightening serum has done wonders on bringing back a balanced/even tone to my face.  So much so that I have recently stopped using foundation to cover up the leftover scarring because my skin looks wonderful!  During chemo, one of the most common symptoms is dry mouth/lips and from day 1 I have used the Lip Enhancement.  I put it on day and night and have experienced zero dryness or sores in or around my mouth!  This is definitely another favorite of mine and as you can see so far, I have quite the collection of IMAGE products and have only named a few!


I wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful skin care line.  I truly am beyond thankful for what it has done for me through this difficult time in my life.  As women, we value what makes us feel pretty and look beautiful and at the top of that list is our skin!  Chemotherapy strips you of all vanity.  It has taken away my hair, my nails and has handed me a laundry list of symptoms that have hit me with zero remorse.  However, at the end of the day you look in the mirror and ask yourself “What can I control?!”  And at this time, for beauty sake, I can control my skin!  IMAGE products have allowed me to soothe, heal and bounce back very quickly from a terrible chemo reaction and I could not be more grateful!



Shanna Crane

An IMAGE “Lifer!”